Clear the crap and get the goodies!

Robin-5-202x250I’m so happy to see you found your way here. This is the part of the website where I’m supposed to use a whole lot of airy fairy words to tell you why your life stinks, what’s “wrong” with you and why you should work with me. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt….and hated every minute of it. I have no desire to reinforce what people feel is “wrong” with their lives. I want to help you see what’s “right”.

So what does “Clear the crap and get the goodies”mean? What that means is we’ve all taken on so much crap that isn’t our truth and it’s clogging up our ability to know ourselves, believe that we can have the life we want and on our terms, and make the choices that would actually make us happy. It shows up in our distorted views of ourselves and our unsupportive beliefs. It shows up in the way we stay in the jobs we hate, in lack of confidence, and our dead end relationships. That’s just some of the crap.

You know, I have to say that if people don’t know it or Realize it yet, you are the real deal. Your connection, intention, integrity and sincerity are all for the highest good. Robin, is a real true connection for our highest purpose, here on Earth.

So, how does this stuff work? I work with you and the Angels to get to the core of your issues so they can be cleared. When you release all that gunk energetically, you’re able to make the changes you want in your physical world. You are no longer in emotional pain, you remember what it’s like to be happy, to want to get up in the morning and to look forward to your day. Your finances improve, your relationships improve, and you take a darn vacation if you want to. AND you maintain it all while having a solid, healthy relationship with Divinity….. those are some of the “goodies”.

Check out what some my clients have said after they’ve worked with me:

  • “You’re f**king amazing!”
  • “You’ve changed my life. You’re a miracle.”
  • “You’ve shown me that life isn’t only what’s in front of me.”
  • “I love you Robin! Your insight and clearing abilities have helped me so much in my life. God sent me a gift yesterday I’ve been asking for for three years!”
  • “You helped me to help myself.”
  • “You helped me with clarity on Life Purpose, focus, and stress relief.”
  • “You didn’t make me dependent on you. You helped me harness my own power with insights and positive messages from your guides.”
  • “You have compassion and a desire to help your clients grow.”
  • “You helped me realize that there’s nothing wrong with me.”

Robin provides a SAFE and LOVING environment for deep and lasting Healing to occur. I left my session feeling validated and supported – with new strategies and exercises to help me along the Way. Thank you, Robin (I slept like a baby, btw)!

Clients have made more money, gotten their dream jobs, and found their soulmates among other things. Don’t get me wrong, not everything came quick and not everything came easy…whether you’re getting an angel reading, a life purpose reading, a soul session or going through the Divine Core Healing Program, you’re going to get homework and more often than not, you will be working your butt off. But the payoff is oh so worth it.

After my session with Robin, I feel like all the yuck is outta me ~LW

The work we do together is the same work I have done on myself to get my own goodies. More self-love, my deep connection to the Angels and Divinity, an awesome relationship with my bohemian soul-mate, two cars, a house…..and happiness. A whole lot of happiness.

There you have it. My words and the words of some of my clients. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of the work they have done, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the lives they have created for themselves. It’s my honor to be able to provide them with a safe, compassionate, and honest place for them to grow so they can realize just how freakin’ cool they really are.

If you’re ready to clear the crap and get the goodies, then I’m ready to help you.

Much love and abundant blessings,
Robin Linke