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Big Insights Books

The bestseller “The Little Book of BIG INSIGHTS”  contains 150 tools that will help you live your life with joy, abundance, and ease.


The Reviews are in!

Love the book…so insightful! My low days are made cheerier by picking a page and following her advise…Some of the pages resonate for whatever situation is going on in my life…I highly recommend buying this book to add to your collection!  ~Marjorie Wilhelm

This book just makes sense… Open this book to any page..and likely you will read a message that will fit perfectly with the day..easy to read even if you are new to spiritual books..angelic would make a nicer gift! ~Susan (Mercerville, NJ)

What a wonderful little book for great relief and reflection. I read it over several days of questions and answers and then gave it to a friend who is going through a rough time. I know this book will be a comfort to her when there is no one to talk to. ~ Lisa Palandrano

A Must Have for Everyone!!! This book is to be treasured and is a must have for everyone. I believe that whatever page you flip to is the one meant for you at that moment. Reading this book has helped me through obstacles & challenges in a way like no other. Just carrying it with you in your purse, briefcase, etc. gives you a sense of Peace!  ~ Dina

Elegant and Simple, Robin’s gift at providing deep thoughts in a simplistic and elegant way makes this book not only an easy read but a powerful one. ~ Elizabeth Saenz (Greenbank, WA)

This book reminds you that you have choices and allows you to be true to your unique journey. It’s fun, it’s informative and an easy, uplifting read. Every nightstand should have a copy. It’s great to refer to at the start of a day or just to pick up and check in. Such a positive experience and highly recommended! ~ Debbi Dachinger (Los Angeles, CA)

A great way to start your day! “The Little Book of Big Insights” is a treasure, teeming with insights & guidance for a happier life. Use it to give you the nudge you need, the help that you’re seeking, and the confirmation that your intuition was right all along. ~ Amy Morse