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The Little Book of BIG INSIGHTS
What if life came with a guidebook? Not a book full of rules and regulations, but one that reminds you that you have choices and allows you to be true to your unique journey. The Little Book of Big Insights does just that. It contains 150 tools that will help you to live your life with joy, abundance, and ease.
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Rock and Roll Oracle™ Cards
Rock and Roll Oracle™ Cards
Rock and Roll Oracle™ Classic Rock Edition
44 Cards w/Guidebook

Spiritual Guidance through music! These cards bring joy. The song titles are recognizable to several generations of people and just seeing them immediately sparks the joy of remembrance of the great feelings we all get from music. These are real-world guidance cards. There may be some people, both on and off the spiritual path, who don’t necessarily connect with Angels, Fairies, etc. Everyone connects with music and classic rock songs have been an embedded part of the worldwide culture for over 40 years. Plus they’re just darn fun!
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