Soul Archaeology Session

Robin is an amazing person and a Truly Gifted Soul. I have had the utmost Gift bestowed upon me by having a Soul Session with her. There are no words to describe my experience. But I can say that the Healing is Profound! On levels that have not reached me before now. She is a comfort to me . . and to my heart.

Soul Archaeology Sessions
Soul Archaeology Sessions

Soul Archaeology Sessions are a series of in depth sessions which are designed to determine what is keeping you from getting and having what you want from life. We work together to clear the crap that stops you from having the fun, love, money, sex, ease, or whatever else it is you'd like to have.

We blast through your fears, wash away the limiting beliefs and work to uncover You...even if you don't know or remember who you are. If you don't know what your desires actually are, we clear the stuff away that's keeping you from knowing what you want. We talk about practical steps you can take to support your desires and I provide the energetic clearings and downloads you require.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our session was simply amazing! It's like you new my exact business plan/life plan to follow. I feel as if I have been consulting with you on my situation for years. You have made it to my "core team" list!

Robin uses her strong clear connection with her Angels and guides to create your session in the way that will be most beneficial to your overall happiness and will provide you with deep and transformative soul restoration.

Some of the challenges these sessions help with are:
  • Blocks to prosperity
  • Not feeling fulfilled
  • Lack of self-esteem or low confidence
  • How to have more peace and ease in your life
  • How to have better partnerships and relationships
  • Living your life purpose
  • Fear, fear, and did I mention fear?

    Be sure to check out the Divine Core Healing Program if you are looking for something more intensive.

    If you haven't discovered yourLife Purpose yet, consider getting a Life Purpose Reading .

    Session length is 60 minutes

    *Sessions are conducted either in my home office in Howell, NJ, or by Phone, or via Skype*

    If you're a Divine Core Healing Alumni and require a booster session, email me and I'll send you an invoice for a single session.

    Price: $600.00
    Packages :

A HUGE Thank you to Robin Linke for a mind blowing clearing, dissolving, dissipating healing session yesterday (I’m sure she has a better name for it!)…if you’re OPEN to RECEIVE…Robin will make it happen!