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Lemurian Angel Spray a/k/a Happy Spray
Lemurian Angel Spray a/k/a Happy Spray
An Uplifting Spray that helps to create Calm, Clarity, Focus

Spray your energy field, take a deep breath, and smile.

Happy Spray (Lemurian Angel Spray) shifts your mood into a feeling of happiness, lightness, ease, joy, peace, and calm. It creates clarity, focus, and helps you open to the boundless possibilities available in any given moment. It helps you breakthrough your personal barriers and helps you turn fear into action.
"It really relaxed my whole body. I feel like a puddle of melted crayons."C.T.
"I sprayed some on and now I can't stop giggling...I think I'm drunk on angel spray."JD
Warning: Lemurian Angel Spray works at a high vibrational frequency. It is suggested you begin by using it in small increments until you see how your energy field reacts. Some people's energy fields take longer to adjust to certain frequencies than others.
"I feel so more calm and peaceful" S.V."
"• Your Lemurian Spray is liquid platinum. I have been breaking thru barriers and blockages left and right. Amazing stuff. Helping with the fears and self-doubts in a huge way." B.M..
Lemurian Angel Spray a/k/a Happy Spray replaces the need to purchase a separate spray for individual needs. Use Lemurian Angel Spray to:
  • Feel Empowerd
  • Create clarity and focus
  • Cleanses and purifies (Smudge) the energy in your home, car, or workspace
  • Lift your mood
  • Sleep better
  • Open your heart center.
  • Create a deep release during healing work.
  • Speed up your manifestations.
  • Cleanse your crystals...they love it.
  • Release your limiting beliefs at the cellular level.
Created with a variety crystal waters (such as Lemurian crystal water and selenite crystal water ), a proprietary blend of essential oils, and infused with very high vibrational angelic energies.

This spray aligns and attunes you to the energies you require instantly.

These are some of the results people have shared after using it:
  • Broke through long held fears
  • New job opportunities
  • Made more money
  • Better sleep
  • Turned depression into joy
  • A newly developed sense of freedom
  • A feeling of hope and vitality
  • Started the business of her dreams
  • Stopped procastingating
  • "I'm much more focused and I'm able to get through things quicker and with less frustration" D.R.
    "I never expected to open up so much. I let so much go, I feel much better" J.M

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Blessing Boxes
Blessing Boxes
These cute little boxes are not your typical blessing/worry boxes. They have been infused with Reiki, Angelic healing energies and Creator’s Unconditional Love. A rose quartz crystal has been placed on the lid to add an additional vibration of love and a citrine crystal has been placed on the underside of the lid. Citrine is a crystal of happiness, luck, and joy. It’s also a powerful cleanser of energy. The citrine will help keep your wishes and dreams pure while washing away the energy of worry. That’s not all folks. You’ll also find this prayer at the bottom of the box: “Thank you Angels for taking away my worries & guiding me toward my dreams.” The combination of these energies creates a powerful environment for manifesting your wishes or letting go of worries. These boxes can be used for a variety of purposes. Use your imagination to think outside the box and I bet you’ll come up with ways to utilize this little gem that I never even thought of. Here are some suggested uses: • Write your worries on a piece of paper, place it in the box and ask the Angels to show you a solution. Be open to their suggestions, they often come up with steps or solutions that make no sense to us until we implement them. • Write your wishes, or what you’d like to bring into your life on a piece of paper, place it in the box, and ask the Angels to help make them a reality. Again, be open to their suggestions. • You can use the box as a way of keeping someone in prayer. Place their name in the box and ask the Angels to watch over them. • Place your crystals inside overnight for cleansing and recharging. • Place your jewelry inside overnight for cleansing and recharging. • You can bless a project or paperwork too. Let’s say you’re working on getting a mortgage and you just sent off the paperwork. Write a word or two down that represents the situation and place it in the box for blessings. *Remove the papers from the box when they are no longer needed. Say a heartfelt thank you to angels and dispose of the papers* Each box is made from recycled materials and measures approx: 2”H x 2-1/2 ”W x 2” D
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Angelic Influence Candle
Angelic Influence Candle
Light this beautiful Crystal Journey candle to invite in the angels during your meditation, healing work, or anytime you'd like a little extra love around you.
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