Soul Reading


During a Soul Reading, I connect with your core essence (your Soul) and share the healing message it has for you. These messages speak about what is most beneficial for you to know so that you can continue to strengthen your relationship with yourself. The better your relationship with yourself, the more ease and peace you will have in your life.

Your soul holds the template for your life purpose and offers guidance in a gentle, loving supportive, way….

How is a soul reading different from an angel reading? When I do a soul reading, I connect with your soul let it tell us what to focus on….when I do an angel reading, I generally ask the angels specific questions or give them a specific focus.

Soul Readings can be done on their own…or as adjunct to a Life Purpose Reading.

When ordering, please specify whether you would prefer a phone/skype reading…or an email reading.

Please note, these are not predictive readings and although they are not timed, they usually run between 30 and 45 minutes.

Price: $50.00