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Divine Core Healing

The Divine Core Healing Program—Bootcamp for your soul.

The Divine Core Healing Program is a one-on-one 3 month intensive program designed to bring about your deep healing and profound transformation.   In the Divine Core Healing Program you’ll discover your life purpose and receive the tools you require to move you out of your comfort zone and propel you into living your life on your terms.

This program is for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling stuck
  • You know there’s something more out there for you, but you are unsure as to what it is
  • You are done with The Struggle
  • You are done with playing by everyone else’s rules
  • Your outer world is not a reflection of the beliefs you think you have

If this sounds like the program for you, please contact me at robin@robinlinke.com to schedule your 20 minute consultation at no charge.  Due to the nature of this program, I can only take on people who are ready for real change and are willing to take the action steps required to get you there.  If this is not the program for you, I offer a variety of other services to help support you on your transformational journey.

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Happy Spray

banner-happy-lemurian-angel-sprayHappy Spray a/k/a Lemurian Angel Spray
Cleansing, Healing, Uplifting

Lemurian Angel Spray has been renamed Happy Spray. Why? It all started with my son. He uses it when he feels out of sorts because it makes him feel happy. He nicknamed it Happy Spray and since that’s the general consensus from the majority of people who use it, I decided it was time to change the name to something that fit the product and the energy of what it does.

Spray your energy field, take a deep breath, and smile.

Happy Spray (Lemurian Angel Spray) shifts your mood into a feeling of happiness, lightness, ease, joy, peace, and calm. It creates clarity, focus, and helps you open to the boundless possibilities available in any given moment.

“It really relaxed my whole body. I feel like a puddle of melted crayons.”C.T.

“I sprayed some on and now I can’t stop giggling…I think I’m drunk on angel spray.”JD

Happy Spray (Lemurian Angel Spray) works at such a high vibrational frequency that it is suggested you begin by using it in small increments until you see how your energy field reacts. Some people’s energy fields take longer to adjust to certain frequencies than others.

“I feel so more calm and peaceful” S.V.”

“My shoulder popped back into place a few minutes after using the spray” A.M.

What it does:

  • quickly lifts your mood
  • Clears the energy in your home, car, or workspace and brings in happiness, lightness and joy
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Opens your heart center.
  • Helps create a deep release during healing work.
  • Speeds up your manifestations.
  • Cleanses your crystals…they love it.
  • Helps release your limiting beliefs at the cellular level.

Created with a variety crystal waters (such as Lemurian crystal water and selenite crystal water ), a proprietary blend of essential oils, and infused with very high vibrational angelic energies. This spray has been designed to attune to you and the energies you require instantly

“I’m much more focused and I’m able to get through things quicker and with less frustration” D.R.

“I never expected to open up so much. I let so much go, I feel much better” J.M

Who are the Lemurian Angels? The Lemurian Angels are a group of beings of love and light that consist of both Lemurians and Angels. Their purpose to is to help spread love and healing by combining Ancient Wisdom with Angelic Energy. This is who I work with when I’m channeling, healing, or creating products.

Price: $25.00