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Personal Angelic Forecast

What if you could receive personal guidance directly from the angels? What if the guidance the angels shared could be one of the tools in your tool box that helps you live a life of ease? What if the way to receive this guidance was to get a personal angelic forecast?

A personal angelic forecast is an overview of the energies that will be playing an active role in your life over the next three, six, or twelve months. The time period varies based on what the angels feel is most beneficial to share. They tell me that they treat the forecast this way because once you understand what energies are prevalent in your life and Universe, you now have the opportunity to work with them in what ever way you choose. How you work with current energies affects future energies.

Included with your forecast are suggestions for specific gemstones that could help support the healing energies relative to this leg of your journey

Forecasts are available via email only and take approximately 48 hours to receive. ****First and last names are required for personal forecasts****

Price: $44.00