chest-with-wolfieWelcome!  You found your way to my Super-Secret Readings Page which means that it’s either the one time of year when I offer readings or you’re super smart and figured out how to hack my website.  Either way, congratulations!  You’re in for a treat.

Before you choose your reading, I want to remind you that my readings are like no other.  This isn’t about me looking into my crystal ball (and yes, I have one) and telling your future.  No, I would never disempower you like that.  This is about me and the angels going deep into your questions, looking at the energy surrounding them and sharing ways for you to either enhance the good juju or dissolve the yuck so that you can create what you want outta life.  It’s a lot more about helping you to step into your magic than you feeling like you’re a victim of circumstance.

If that sounds really fun and cool to you…and you’re not looking for another psychic who’s going to simply tell you what’s going to happen so that the only choice you’re left with is either waiting for your good fortune or worrying about when the other shoe is gonna drop, you are in the right place at the perfect time.   See?  The magic is happening already.  How freaking awesome is that?

It’s time to combine your magic wand (yes, you have one) with some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease (hey, you’re human….even magic wands need a little help) and get you the stuff and the life you want.

Ready to book your reading?

30-minute readings (a/k/a Creating Your Magical Life Sessions) are $150.  Click here to book.

60-minute readings (a/k/a  Creating Your Doubly Magical Life Sessions) are $250.  Click here to book.


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